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Addresssing the Spam Issue

Letting you take control of your spam

Nornet has a spam filter on its mail server. The filter goes through all the mail that is sent to a Nornet e-mail addresses and looks at certain aspects of the e-mail message to see if it is SPAM. As it does this it allocates a point for each item that makes it look more like SPAM. As the points add up the more likely it is a SPAM e-mail and then it is removed from coming into your inbox and placed in a folder called “Junkmail” in our web based e-mail system on the homepage.

Nornet has its SPAM filter set at 6 at the moment, meaning all e-mail that hits 6 points and above in the SPAM stakes, will be removed from coming into your Inbox and put in the separate SPAM folder.

On your client details page we are going to be putting an area where you can select the level you want your e-mail to be filtered. Please be aware that if you subscribe to mail lists these will most likely be picked up as SPAM the lower you set the filter, this is why we have left our main filter on 6 and left it up to the client to make it lower if they wish. E-mail from Mailing lists tends to have similar features of SPAM e-mail eg. sent to a lot of people etc. This is why they are caught.

We can though, allow e-mail addresses privilege to come through even if normally they would be high in the likely SPAM stakes, simply by entering the address into our SPAM filter and telling it not to trap e-mails from those mailing lists or people. So if you do get some e-mail being trapped in the Junkmail Folder just e-mail, and we can add that address to the e-mail allowed through our filter.

We suggest you do not put your setting lower than 2, as you will find that most mail will get caught in the filter even if it is legitimate mail. If you do choose to have a low setting please be aware you need to check the web mail system on the homepage for any messages in the Junkmail folder that may have been captured.

We will be purging all Junkmail folders every 2 months. To make room on our mail server.

Please note too that e-mail will only be stored on our mail server for three months before it is deleted. We wish to ensure a speedy service by the removal of e-mail that is taking up space.

Please also note that the web based e-mail system is designed so you can view your e-mail that is still on our server. This is designed so that if you are away from your computer you can still view your mail, then download it when you get back to your computer. You should not use this as your main storage of your e-mail though, as we will be removing e-mail that is more than 3 months old from our server to make way for new e-mail. You need to download mail through an e-mail program like Eudora or Outlook so it is stored on your computer. Once you do this the e-mail is removed from our server and frees up more space.


Spam is very very annoying, What is Spam?

Email spam is unsolicited advertising or junk e-mail sent to many e-mail addresses on the Internet at once. Any user on Nornets system who is deemed to be a spammer will have their account terminated. Spam takes up much of the Internets resources and annoys customers who frequently receive e-mail in which they did not request.

How do people get my e-mail address?

Nornet will not and does not sell or offer any third party your e-mail address. Spam clogs up our system and costs us money, so we would never condone such an activity. Your e-mail address is yours to tell to whom you please, but there are ways that it can be discovered by e-mail spammers on the net. One way this is done and the most popular method is to peruse newsgroups. Messages posted on Newsgroups usually attach your e-mail address to your posting, e-mail discussion groups have your e-mail address, your web site may have your e-mail address on it, Online competitions or surveys you have entered your e-mail address to, Chat progrmmes, etc etc. and it doesn't take much for spammers to know a domain and make up an e-mail address to go with it.

Many spammers simply make up a whole heap of e-mail addresses e.g. first names, last names and just add a known ISP domain name to the end. e.g. Nornets domain is so spammers can pick a common name and put and chances are it will be a valid e-mail address. If you do this with millions of addresses many are bound to be correct. Also beware when these emails ask you to take your name off the mailing list, many of these links just validate to the spammer that your address does exist and they will keep sending them to you.

How can I get rid of it?

Nornet has a spam filter on its Email Server, this captures most of the thousands it receives each day, although it still misses some. Our mail server scans each piece of mail and sends the FROM address to a database of "Known Spammers" If this address is on this database the spam will be removed before it reaches your Email Account. If the "From" address is not on the list, it will be received into your e-mail account.

Then why do I still get spam?

As Spammers know there is a database of "Known Spammers" they change the "from" address quite frequently, they may get to send out mass e-mail a couple of times before that e-mail address is captured by the database as a known spammer and blocks that e-mail address.

What can I do on my computer to prevent spam?

Most spammers send e-mail via a list which goes out to "Undisclosed Recipients" This means that the e-mail has not only been sent to you, but a list of many people and is most likely SPAM. If you use an e-mail program you can use the FILTERS on the program to delete or put into another folder, any e-mail received that is sent to "Undisclosed Recipients"

If you are using Eudora

Find an e-mail that is addressed to "Undisclosed Recipients" and click on it Then go to the "Special" Menu at the top of the program.

Then Click on "Make Filter" It will bring up a menu with some options Make sure "Incoming is ticked" Then there will be a list of options about that e-mail you have selected. There is no need to block the "from" e-mail address it has come from as they do change the address a lot.

Select "Any Recipient" and make sure it has "Undisclosed Recipients" in the white box beside it Under ACTION it will already have made a mailbox called "Undisclosed Recipients" to transfer the incoming mail to. This will prevent it coming straight into your INBOX Or you can select Delete Messages if you never want to see them. Once you have done that click on "Create Filter" This has now either created a separate mailbox for the spam to come into or will delete it as soon as it arrives.

Using Outlook Express

Click on Tools Then Message Rules Then Mail

This will bring up a list of options

Click in the box beside "Where the To line contains people"

In the next section click beside "Delete it" In the "rule description" box the words contains people will be underlined, click on that and then type in Undisclosed Recipients in the first box that appears.

Click OK And you had set up your e-mail program to filter a lot more spam.

Just remember some Spam emails are actually addressed to you so these will not be picked up by the filter we have just made only spam sent to undisclosed recipients, which is a lot of what spam is sent to.


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